I had lost all hope of Toilet Training my stubborn 3.5 year old son, and was starting to become stressed about it, (especially as he was due to start Kindy) when a friend recommended Toileting Tots.

Danielle took the time to understand my son and created a plan specifically tailored for us. We started making progress from the first few days, which really surprised me. Each week we progressed further, until my son, whom had never done anything of the sort, was toileting completely independently. It wasn’t easy, but I had Danielle’s support the entire time. I loved that I could call or text when we were having a tough day, and Danielle would reassure me and give me advice. It was also wonderful to share with her our triumphs as we went along. Danielle went above and beyond expectations and always focused on my son’s best interest.

I definitely could not have done this without Danielle, and would highly recommend Toileting Tots to anyone who needs a bit of help/guidance with toilet training. Thank you so much Danielle for everything you have done for us.



We appointed Danielle to assist us with toilet training our 4.5 year old. At the time we contacted Danielle, we had been ‘unsuccessfully’ trying to toilet train our son since he was 2 years old! We had bought every book, read every online article, tried every bribe & to be honest we’re sick & tired of not getting anywhere & spending money on conflicting information to no avail.

Danielle had a concise & informative approach. I have to be honest, I felt like saying to her at the start ‘but you don’t know my son, I don’t know if this is going to work’. Within 48 hours our son was pooing on the toilet. 2 weeks later he is now unassisted on the toilet, pooing in public restrooms & wiping himself – if you’d have told me this 2 weeks ago I would have laughed at you!!

Danielle we can not thank you enough for what you have done for our family. Your prompt support along the way made us confident & informed & we could not have achieved this massive milestone without you!!

I highly recommend the services of Danielle. It is definitely money well invested!!! Thanks again Danielle.

Clare & Mr 4.5


Danielle is simply amazing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is struggling to assist their child with toileting (like we were!) She listened to us, provided us with a fantastic step-by-step program to follow, with clear instructions to help facilitate the process for our son (based on our situation), and was there to lend a guiding hand throughout. After years of being told what worked for everyone else’s child (except ours!), Danielle provided us with the tools we needed to assist our 4.5 year old…and within 6 weeks he was completely out of nappies and using the toilet like a true toilet master. Danielle truly understands what it takes to assist a stubborn, strong-willed child to achieve toilet mastery, and we could not be more grateful for her guidance and support.

Natasha & Mr 4.5


When we first came to Danielle, our daughter, nearly 2, had been holding on to her poos, usually for around a week (sometimes longer), for about 6 months. She also had terrible, bleeding nappy rash, and would scream hysterically at every nappy change. Our entire lives revolved around these problems. We’d visited GPs, paediatricians and child nurses with no success, and her condition was getting worse. Within a few weeks of our first visit, everything started to turn around. Danielle persisted with our GP for an x-ray, which revealed complete blockage of her intestines. She recommended a different nappy cream and laxative, both of which were immediately successful. Now, 9 months on, after much planning, persistence, patience and phone calls, our daughter is toilet-trained, pooing happily and not showing any trace of holding on. We cannot recommend Danielle’s expertise and caring, on-going support highly enough. If you are experiencing any toileting issues with your child, please do yourself a favour and book in to see her immediately.

Miss 2


Toilet training was becoming a major problem for us with our 3 1/2 year old daughter. It was obvious she knew when she needed to go but would not use the toilet or potty and became extremely distressed whenever we tried. I had tried a lot of things so was slightly sceptical when I contacted toileting tots. However, after following the plan for about a week she became comfortable and began to wee and poo! I am so glad I contacted Danielle and very grateful for the help.

Eve & Miss 3.5


We have been working with Danielle over the past 10 weeks to help my 4 year old son deal with toileting anxieties he was having at school. Through her program and ongoing advice and support we have managed to get him off all forms of laxatives and medication and he is now completely independent with his toileting day and night no matter what environment he’s in. I can’t recommend Danielle enough to families and we wish we knew about her sooner!!

Tessa & Mr 4


As a mother and a Paediatrician, I would highly recommend the services of Danielle for anyone who is having difficulty toilet training their child. After struggling with toilet training our 3.5 year old daughter for 8 months, I finally decided to enlist some help. Danielle was thorough in her assessment of our situation, answered all my questions, and her tailored plan for our daughter was very clear, comprehensive, and easy to follow. I am very proud and amazed that our daughter was successful within a week! She is happily and independently using the toilet at home and even in public. We are very grateful for Danielle’s advice and support, it certainly is money well spent, and I wish I had done it much sooner.

Katherine & Matilda


My son Declan aged 4.5 years, had been wee toilet trained for a while and would only poo in a nappy. My husband and I tried everything to convince Declan to use the toilet but nothing helped. This went on for about a year and I found out about Toileting Tots and Danielle. We decided to give it a go and after meeting Danielle, she was very professional and understanding. With her advice and step by step plan, Declan was completely toilet trained after 5 weeks.

We are very grateful to have found Danielle and would highly recommend her to anyone. She was brilliant and we couldn’t have done this without her support. Thank you Danielle!

Julie, Malcolm & Declan


My Zoe is four and a half years old,  and I suppose I just thought she would start to poo on the toilet like most of the other children her age.   I was wrong and after many ( distressing )  solo attempts,  she would not poo without a nappy.  

After following Danielle’s well tailored toileting program for 6 weeks,  we have finally had success.  It is still only early days,  but the changes that have been made already are enormous,  and I am so grateful.  

I would highly recommend Danielle,  for any toileting issues,  and just wish I had found her earlier !

Robyn & Miss 4.5


Thank you for the practical and easy to implement strategies for toileting success. We were easily able to implement the program into our busy daily lives. I can not talk highly enough about the individual tailored program designed for out daughter.

Sarah & Miss 3


Despite showing all the signs of readiness for some time, our son was happy to do his wees on the toilet, but began only wanting to do his poos in a nappy or would hold them in causing constipation.

This had been going on for approximately 4 months, we had tried so many different approaches with no success and our sons toilet anxieties were increasing.

A friend suggested seeing Danielle after attending one of her talks and it was the best thing we did.   Danielle was amazing and I can highly recommend her and Toileting Tots.   She took the time to understand what was going on for our son and provided a customised plan, as well as strategies to use if things weren’t “going to plan”.   In addition, Danielle was in contact throughout the process which provided both ongoing support and encouragement.

Within 6 weeks, our son was doing his poos on the toilet and more importantly, the step by step approach meant it wasn’t a stressful experience for our son (and us).  Our son even told us when he was ready to stop wearing a nappy of a night! 

It has been 5 months of success now, but being a busy boy, every now and again our son will decide he would rather “hold” his poos rather than take the time to go to the toilet.  However, we can identify the signs and straight away we use the techniques Danielle shared with us and our son is happy to be back on the toilet for his poo.

Thank you so much Danielle, we couldn’t have don’t it without you 🙂

Lousie & Mr 3


Despite her having very good awareness and control, we found it impossible to convince our 3.5yr old daughter to poo on the toilet rather than in a nappy. This had been going on for about 6 months when I saw a flyer advertising Danielle’s services. I was initially a bit sceptical, and wondered what a toilet training consultant could tell us that we couldn’t find out for ourselves on the internet, but the other testimonials convinced us to give it a go.

Right from the start Danielle was very professional and provided a personalised, step by step plan. The face to face consultation was very helpful, and she had strategies for managing all the “what if” scenarios I thought might arise. Our plan worked like a dream, and our daughter progressed through the steps hardly missing a beat.

We’re very pleased we sought help from Danielle. My Husband even commented recently that he’d “pay the money again in a second”, if we had our time again.

Genai & Miss 3.5

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