I will only poo in a NAPPY!

Over the recent months I have seen many little people who are perfectly happy to wee in the toilet but absolutely refuse to poo anywhere but in a NAPPY.  So many parents ask me why they do this and often it can be related to constipation or a worry about the poo landing in the toilet.  The advice within the mother’s group is often don’t worry they will grow out of it and for a small group this is correct but for the rest it is unlikely and it can cause a great strain on parent and child.  So what are signs that your child is going to need some help to conquer their nappy obsession –

  1. They have never done a poo on the toilet.
  2. The mere mention of sitting on the toilet to poo creates a melt down.
  3. They poo standing up and like to hide anywhere in the house other than the bathroom.
  4. A history of constipation or holding onto their poo.
  5. They are happy to wear knickers/jocks and will ask for a nappy to poo.
  6. They have been toilet trained with wee for at least 3 months.
  7. They have been asking for a nappy to poo for ever.
  8. Parents have run out of ideas and the house is stressed from toilet refusal.

Helping a child to beat the nappy obsession can be frustrating but with a detailed plan, excellent support and the primary goal being building independence and confidence in your child then I can assure you it is worth it.

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Benjamin Franklin.